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Your Group Photo Session

Massive get togethers with family and friends can be loads of fun until it comes to the chaos of organizing the group photo. Someone always wants to take charge and many don’t want to cooperate. It can be a stressful event. There is a lot to worry about, but here are some suggestions that can help you be better prepared when attending your next group photo session.


  • Solid colors should be worn by all parties. Darker colors tend to work better in most lighting. Avoid any bright neon colors. Also prints and logos can end up making the photo too busy.


Family group sitting on a bench outside

There are exceptions to every rule. This family choose to add stripes in, but made sure if was only a few of them and they still matched the colors that everyone else was wearing. Even with the stripes they are all more or less wearing solid colors.

  • If doing a multi-family photo coordinate matching colors for each group so they stand out, but also work well together.
  • Avoid short cap sleeves and shorts whenever possible, but dress comfortably. Discomfort shows! Short cap sleeves and short shorts tend to show more skin and take away from the group photo. They can also add a few pounds in the camera whereas the longer half sleeves do not.
  • Don’t over accessorize! Too many trinkets and baubles can take away from the real stars of the photo, You!
  • Coordinate warm and cool colors so there isn’t someone overtaking the spotlight. An example would be a fire red shirt amidst a wave of blues, greens, and purples. So don’t follow the example below!


Family color mismatch group photo

Look at everything going on. Ouch! I am a little ashamed to say this is my family, but on the bright side they were not planning to have photos taken so they didn’t have the time to coordinate. Clothing is one of the biggest things that can make or break your group photos.

  • Ensure that each person wears no more than 3 different colors.


  • Let the photographer adjust people based on your feedback before the session. Attempting to take charge during is frustrating for everyone and the pictures do not turn out as well.
  • Warn everyone not to drink alcohol or take any medications that could cause any drowsiness or loss of self-sense within 4 hours before the session.
  • Communicate constantly with each other and the photographer about group size, colors, lighting, and sub-grouping.
  • Avoid using cheap spray tan lotions. (Orange skin just isn’t appealing and may cost extra to edit out.)


Woman at the pool sunbathing


  • Make sure all children’s hair and clothing is ready before arriving at the session. Making touch-ups is okay, but waiting while you style is frustrating for everyone.
  • Bring along a small comfort object for smaller children to help calm them during the organized chaos and to prevent “tantrum face” during the photos.


Baby at the beach with sunglasses on

If you follow these suggestions, I can guarantee that your next group session will be far more relaxed and enjoyable. Your group photo sessions should not be something to dread, but to look forward to each year. I would love to use my experience to help you out. Contact me and let’s get a session scheduled!

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