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TiA and Zach

Salt Lake City is an amazing city to take images in no matter where you are. There are a few places are are easier than others to get permits for and this spot was not one of them. I have to say it was a little difficult to be able to take professional photos here, but we made it just in time for this couple’s session.

Chari Laree Photography - salt lake city photographer - couple laughing together

You might notice that there is snow in some of these pictures. You might also notice that TiA isn’t wearing a coat! It was a warm day during the winter but it was still chilly outside. TiA was a trouper in the session. She went the entire thing without a coat on and said she wasn’t cold at all. I was freezing the whole time, so I don’t know how she did it.

Chari Laree Photography -salt lake city photographer- couple by brick wall

Love knows no bounds

I might just be caught up on the cold still, but it started snowing towards the end of the session. No coat + me = frozen for weeks! All I know is that Salt Lake City is lucky to have these two and the love that they have for each other. I wish them

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