Senior Representatives

Your senior year of high school can be full of stress and anxiety due to final projects, college applications, and thinking about the future. Don’t let your senior portraits add to that anxiety. Your word of mouth can get you a free Senior session and it can come with even more perks. For each person, referred to us by you, that books and completes a session with us, it will move you farther up in our Senior Representatives rewards program. Senior portraits only come once in a life time and so does this offer! Contact me to get started ASAP! Senior rep application


5 Completed Referral Sessions = Free 1 Hour Senior Session
10 Completed Referral Sessions = Customized Senior Magazine
20 Sessions = Free Glamour or Fantasy Session (Make-up done by a professional)
25+ Sessions = YOU ARE AMAZING! Free Custom Package!

What Makes a Great Rep

Chari Laree Photography is looking for amazing high school seniors with unique personal styles, and fantastic personalities to serve as 2019 Senior Model Representatives. Being a representative for Chari Laree Photography means you will have amazing images and huge benefits for showing off your session to your friends and classmates!

No previous model experience is necessary nor do you even need to look like a “typical model” to be chosen. Those chosen will be chosen based on their personality, activities, and eagerness to be in the program. Keep this is mind when filling out your application… The more I know… The better!


Below are a few things that make a GREAT Senior Rep!


  • Ecstatic about having a Senior Portrait Session that is unique, fun, and represents who you are!
  • Friendly, outgoing, and approachable personality.
  • Loves the camera and is not shy.
  • Able to share their portraits and representative images with seniors they may or may not know.
  • Wants to earn amazing rewards for referring friends and classmates to Chari Laree Photography




Senior Reps represent Chari Laree Photography throughout their entire senior year, in exchange for their senior portraits — potentially saving money for you and your family. You are encouraged to positively promote Chari Laree Photography to everyone you know including friends, family, classmates, etc. Each friend you refer, who books a senior portrait session, earns you credit toward your prints and products or even cash. Beyond pretty pictures, CLP Senior Reps make new friends while also gaining the opportunity to experience fun activities and projects not available to the regular senior client. Being a part of the Chari Laree Photography Senior Rep crew is a year-long celebration of Seniors, overall commemorating your high school experiences and celebrating your journey into the future.



As a CLP Senior Rep, you have a chance to receive a free Senior Portrait session. You will also may be invited to be a part of additional styled photo shoots and gain first choice at other opportunities throughout the year. In addition, you gain the opportunity to earn additional sessions, custom promotional materials, participation in exclusive group events, cash prizes, and much more! Equally important as the perks of a being a senior rep, this is your chance to capture as many moments during your senior year as possible while helping others do the same. You’re already taking senior pictures, so why not have some fun, be rewarded, and bring some friends along too!


WHAT DO I GET? (the perks & incentives)

  • A Free mini-senior rep session for providing you with photos for CLP Senior Rep advertising purposes. These images will be watermarked. (Rep must provide at least 2 referrals before the start of their mini session.)
5 Completed Referral Sessions = Free 1 Hour Senior Session
10 Completed Referral Sessions = Customized Senior Magazine
20 Sessions = Free Glamour or Fantasy Session (Make-up done by a professional)
25+ Sessions = YOU ARE AMAZING! Free Custom Package!



  • You must be a graduating senior from Class of 2019 and attend a high school within the Box Elder, Weber, or Ogden School District Areas.
  • You and your parents must agree to promote exclusively and solely for Chari Laree Photography for your senior portraits from the time of acceptance through the entire 2018-2019 school year. It is understood that this is an exclusive relationship and that representation or advertisement of another studio will result in termination of the contract and all the benefits associated with it.  If your school requires you use the schools contract photographer for your yearbook image, you will schedule a session for the yearbook pose only.  You will not post on any social media sites any images by another studio, including your schools contract photographer during the entire 2018-2019 school year and the summer following.
  • You will conduct yourself in a positive fashion while representing Chari Laree Photography. This includes the way you talk about Chari Laree Photography, its photographers, and keeping your social media pages clean and positive. (This includes no pornographic images, sexual innuendos, and positive representations of alcoholic or any illegal substances)
  • Spread the word about Chari Laree Photography on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Snapchat and refer your friends using watermarked images.
  • You will place watermarked photos from you session in your Facebook photo album until graduation in 2019 and use a watermarked photo as you default picture for no less than 1 full month after your sessions.
  • “Like” & “Follow” Chari Laree Photography on all social media. You will also place a link on my page to the Chari Laree Photography Facebook Page, and Charilareephotography.com until graduation in 2019.
  • Book & Schedule your individual CLP Senior Portrait Session. You must schedule your Senior Portrait Session in a timely manner and arrive to your appointments on time and ready to create great images!
  • Your senior session retainer of $100 is required upon the signing of your Senior Rep agreement and senior session agreement. The session fee is nonrefundable should you terminate from the 2018-2019 Rep Program. However, this session fee will be returned to you in full as a print credit for my Senior Session once I receive five completed* referrals.

*They have scheduled and completed any Package Session with Chari Laree Photography

  • Provide a minimum of 3 recommendations for 2019 Senior Rep Crew.
  • Attend all group meetings, hangouts, shoots, and special events to the best of your ability (once per quarter).
  • Your parent or legal Guardian MUST sign a model release, allowing Chari Laree Photography to use your images for advertising and promotional purposes. You and your parent must also sign a senior rep agreement and standard portrait contract.
  • Have a GREAT time and enjoy your final year!



Before you can become an official CLP Senior Rep, you must obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian. Please be sure to go over all details listed before filling out an application. If you are selected as a Senior Rep, at least one parent or legal guardian must attend an in-person consultation and/or group meeting. At this meeting, I will review the senior rep program in full, explaining, in detail, all requirements and expectations.

At this meeting, you AND your parent will be required to sign the senior rep contract and model release as well as also pay an investment fee required upon selection. By signing these documents, you agree to exclusively promote Chari Laree Photography from time of acceptance until graduation, representing Chari Laree Photography in a professional manner as entailed.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message contact@charilareephotography.com or call 317.777.8683.



Now that we’ve gotten all the specifics out of the way, let’s get acquainted. Please fill out the {senior rep application}. The senior rep program is a very exclusive program and there are only a limited number of spots available. This is just like any job application. It is asked that everyone take their time completing it, using clear, concise sentences, and proper grammar. The senior reps selected will be the candidates I feel best fit the CLP brand. If ultimately selected, we will schedule your complimentary senior pictures session. I will contact students/parents Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Thank you for choosing me to be your Senior Portrait Photographer. I am so excited to have you join the Chari Laree Photography Senior Representative crew, and I can’t wait to get started!


NOTE TO PARENTS: You MUST sign the contract with us before the session for your student’s senior pictures is scheduled. By entering this program, you are permitting Chari Laree Photography to use your student’s first name and photograph on the blog, website and in marketing materials. You are confirming you have the authority to commit to this. Signing the contract and submitting a Senior Rep application in no way obligates you to make purchases from Chari Laree Photography for prints, digital images or anything else.