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Preparing for your sessions

Having children can be frightening, stressful, and painful, but it can also be beautiful, eye-opening, and a blessing to all who are involved. Whether you have none, one, or five, it is still a unique experience.

Nothing can capture that beauty for all to see like a well taken photograph. The radiant glow of a soon-to-be mother should be shared with all who wishes to see it. And once at baby is born, all those who participate in it’s birth and care can, with 100% honesty, say that each child is a miracle and a blessing that should be protected and shared.

For those that wish to capture this miracle to share, here are some tips to make the experience of photographing your beautiful mother and child just as big a blessing as the child’s smile:


  • Moisturize your belly as best you can so that it can look it’s best for you and avoid dry-looking skin or cracking.
  • Gather any props you would like to bring along, such as an ultrasound printout, alphabet blocks which spell out your baby’s name, baby shoes, stuffed animals, flowers, or maybe something else you’ve seen done a other maternity sessions on interest or in my galleries.
  • Wear clothing that you feel comfortable and pretty in. Long flowing skirts, solid colors are especially nice, and strapless bras that coordinate well with them. A tube dress works very well for showing off your shape also. If those don’t sound pleasing to you, you can always go with nice blouse and jeans.
  • Bring a pair of regular jeans; do not bring the belly panel ones if you can avoid it. A button up shirt also makes it easy to transition into showing of that beautiful belly.
  • If you are doing semi-nude photos using your choice of lingerie or other lacy garments for that lucky someone, bras and underwear can make noticeable lines on your skin. So try to wear loose fitting clothing to the session and avoid that embarrassment or make sure to wear nude color undergarments. You can also add undergarments as necessary for photos later in the session.
  • If possible and not a surprise, do bring your significant other! They can make a great addition for your photos, and greatly expand on the number of different photos you can take during your session. They should bring outfits that coordinate with what you will be wearing, or a dark long-sleeved shirt or sweater and dark pants. The focus should always be on you: your expressions, your emotions, your personality, your joy, your connection.
  • If you have previous children, bring them along as well to further increase the number of different photos you can take while also sharing the joy of being a mother with them and others.
  • Be ready to smile!
Newborn sleeping

Newborns and Babies

  • Use a wash cloth to clean away flaky skin and any eye or nose boogers.
  • If your baby has flaky skin, cradle cap, or eczema, many suggest the use of lil’ outlaws rump rub (or any other cream.) It’s handmade, its vegan, it’s chemical free, and it is reported to work wonderfully.
  • Trim those tiny fingernails and toenails with appropriate baby trimmers. You can even add some non-toxic nail polish.
  • Book your session around your baby’s feeding and nap times. Work with the natural rhythm of your baby. The perfect time to shoot is right when the baby should be laying down for a nap. If your baby normally falls asleep after a feeding, wait to feed your baby until you’re at the session. Baby photographers allot plenty of time for this sort of thing to set up the best situation for great photos.
  • Dress up paper diapers. Cloth diapers are classy and stylish, but if you don’t use them, bring bloomers or decorative diaper covers with solid coloring.
  • Realize that there is no perfect outfit or wardrobe for a newborn. Nothing fits them well, and they often look swallowed in clothes. Accessories can be cute and flattering however. Little hats, headbands, crocheted hats, etc. Maybe bring sentimental items like the quilt that grandma made or a baby blanket from your childhood. These can be great for the child to lay on.
  • If you baby takes a pacifier, bring it. If they are bottle-fed, bring an extra bottle to help put the baby to sleep. Also if your baby has a stuffed toy they are attached to, bring that along as well.

Follow these tips and meet with your photographer to discuss what you want out of your session and any concerns you may have to help you feel as comfortable as possible before you schedule your photo session, during, and after! These photos are about you and your child and the miracles and blessings of beauty and life that you bring to the world and those around you! Flaunt it, and smile.

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