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Choosing photos for your business’s social media campaign can be tough. You want to have the best photos in order to interest your audience and boost your marketing. In order to pick the photos most likely to bring in engagement, be aware of your audience, ask for others’ opinions, and consider what kinds of photos work best on which social media sites.

Who Are Your Images Targeting?

Ask yourself who your image should be targeting, then build from there. Who is your audience? Pay attention to who they are and use images that they can relate to. Knowing who you are targeting will help you narrow down what kind of images to use. If your demographic is mainly young girls, for example, it wouldn’t be very effective to only use pictures of old men. So how do you narrow down your target audience?

First you should segment your potential customers. With a business social media account, you should be able to view statistics about your demographic through the social media platform, based on audience engagement. Consider the background of your followers—their age, gender, location, etc. What sort of images would best catch their eye? Tailor your content based on this information.

Get A Second Opinion

Asking for another opinion is always a good idea. Having more than one person look at the images is essential; after all, what might be okay to one person might be offensive to another. Getting a second opinion from someone who could fit into your target audience can be especially helpful. Getting a reaction from this person before posting can help you gauge how well the photo will perform with your actual customers.

Tailor Images to Your Platform

Images that are most effective on Facebook might not have the same impact on Instagram. Consider what kinds of content fit best on your specific platform or platforms of choice—there are some properties which help a photo be more successful on a certain platform than on another. Playing along with a platform’s individual image will help you bring in more engagement.

For example, the most successful Instagram photos are brighter, have a lot of white or background space, include colors which lie toward the blue end of the color spectrum, focus on one dominant color, are less saturated, and include texture. It is also important to take appropriate size into account when deciding whether a photo will work for a certain platform.

Picking the right photo can seem a difficult task, but there are several steps which can eliminate unnecessary stress from the process. Know your audience, involve others who can offer additional opinion, and consider what kind of images will generate the most engagement. Doing these things will help to ensure that your images you choose are the most effective.

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