Who is Chari Clark?


Image of Chari Clark

Photo by Amy Wilkins

Throughout my life I have had the honor of being present for the most beautiful moments in people’s lives. But as amazing as these moments are, that’s all they are, moments. Gone within fleeting seconds, never to be enjoyed again outside of the precious memories of those who were present. Never to be shared outside of stories, whose words fail to show and share the true purity of that single moment.

However, a single photograph can frame and capture that beauty for many to share and enjoy. The exact moment a groom sees his bride at the start of the aisle. That brief second of shock as a child’s face is covered in sugary cream. The amazing smile a girl makes as she is embraced by the one she loves.

All of these things and more, eternalized for all to see. This is why I chose to be a photographer. I have the drive, passion, and experience to capture each of life’s little moments in a way for all to love, share, and enjoy!

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