Photography For Every Occasion

The first question I ask every one of my clients is “what is the purpose of the session?” What do you really want out of your session? Each photography session is specifically tailored to each client so you will get unique photos that you love.



Personal Branding

People don’t want to listen to a product, they want to listen to you. The photos show off your brand and unique personality to help get clients and grow your brand.

About Me


I absolutely love Hot Chocolate. You can catch me in the summer with a mug from my collection steaming full.

My favorite season is fall. Not just because it is socially acceptable to drink coffee and hot chocolate, but because of the amazing colors.

Chari is a great photographer and is easy to talk to. She removed the awkwardness that I normally feel when taking photos, by talking, and prompting me to take different stances for a photo. She knows how to help others smile!

– Brali C.

My Work